What it is, medical care…

What it is, medical care
Public health involves the same health services for all social groups. But in order to meet the demands of all sectors of society, it is necessary to ensure a sufficiently high level of service. The power of this state? Different income and social levels imply different requirements.

Socialized medicine, like any other, one hand gives, the other «cuts». The government knows how to count money and do not want to spend more than necessary. Schemes and protocols for diagnosis and treatment, which are used in certain diseases in the UK and the USA, differ significantly. In England the protocols are more «stripped-down» look.
Alternative to state medicine are voluntary, mandatory health insurance and paid medicine. For greatest middle class particularly relevant to voluntary health insurance, despite the fact that part of the funds make themselves insured. These costs they are willing to bear in exchange for a higher quality of care. The insurance company offering the policy of voluntary medical insurance, confirmed its liability for each insured event, ensuring a full diagnosis and treatment and as a result the correct diagnosis.
Citizens standing on the top rung of the social ladder, prefer private medicine.
The coexistence of different forms of care in society it is quite natural. In this case we are not talking about competition as such. Talking about medicine, it «takes care» of all citizens, without exception, the medical service available to all. Compulsory health insurance in the level and amount of service is similar to socialized medicine, but brings new obligations and, therefore, assumes responsibility to the client. Voluntary health insurance is strictly controlled by the level of care, complementing it with better quality service. Private medicine seeks to combine high professionalism and maximum comfort.
Another aspect of the medical service, which falls out of sight of the patient, but is extremely important for the doctor: every form of medical care involves different wages for the medical staff. The lowest score of physicians and nurses in the system of state medicine. This is followed by compulsory health insurance, voluntary; high wage offers private medicine. Accordingly, the wage increases the incentive and impact of its work.
Given these factors, it can be argued that all medicine is good if it is not cultivated and not to monopolize only one form.

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