Insurance medicine in France

The health-care system in France is centralized. There is a single insurance organisation — the national health insurance Fund, with its numerous branches ramified throughout the country. Branches are not competitors, but are subordinate to the National register. The Ministry of labour and social security supervises the activities of the health system.

Mandatory health insurance in France covered 80% of the citizens 1. The French have a certain part of their salary to deduct for health insurance (or rather, only a third of the contribution covered by citizens, two — thirds by employers).
Health insurance in France does not exist in itself, but is part of social insurance. All who work, receive social security, with its obligatory attribute — insurance card, which provides the insured and his family members access to medical service without extra charge. If the family employs two people, then everyone has an insurance card, one of which is written by children.
Medical insurance covers 100% of treatment costs if the accident happened at work, and if the cause of illness was the disease, the patient will be reimbursed 75% of the costs. When inpatient treatment is required the health insurance Fund will pay 33 day hospital stay, the remaining days of the patient herself. The duration of treatment more than two months is a cause for hospitalization in a free hospital. If the patient’s condition is not improving over three years, establish a disability. In France, there are two groups of disability: first, when the patient is not able to serve himself, the second the remaining States in connection with the disease. It should be noted that the health insurance Fund pays 75% of the cost of the hospital stay, the remaining amount is paid by the patient. According to this principle, you will pay for the doctor’s visit, medications, diagnostic tests.
The system of compensation payments operates as follows. For example, when buying a medicinal drug in some pharmacies, the patient pays the full price. For five days at the expense of the insured will be transferred in the amount of 75% of the cost of the drug. Other pharmacies the insured does not pay the full amount with a further payment, and only «their» 25%. Then the health insurance Fund lists the pharmacy the remaining amount.
Days of absence from work, confirmed by medical certificates, are paid. In this case, not accounting for place of work, and the health insurance Fund. That is, the health insurance Fund, not the employer pays wages for the entire period of the hospital sheet.
In France the health insurance system takes account of some psychological aspects. The participation of the insured in the process of a refund protects against the excessive desire to undergo treatment.
At present, more and more French employers include voluntary health insurance in the benefits package. If the employer cares about the health of his subordinates, the status of the company is considered to be very high. Voluntary medical insurance is not only a service in good clinics, but the solution to the problem of monetary payment for medical services. If you have a private insurance, the patient pays nothing. Part of the cost of treatment or medications paid for by compulsory health insurance (75%), the rest (25%) — due to the voluntary. Along with good quality of services of voluntary medical insurance offers additional medical services. None of the health insurance Fund will not reimburse for the purchase of contact lenses or glasses with plastic lenses and compensates for part of the cost of glasses, but the most simple. Private insurance companies may pay for the cost of the lenses. It all depends on the insurance plan if this item is included in the list of medical services.

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